"All the world's a stage." ~ William Shakespeare

The Journey to the Stage Series

Stories of Faith, Courage, Commitment & Heart When Stepping Up and Stepping Out to Share Your Message!

Life-Changing Stories

"True stories are always more compelling than fiction.  Each athor has a life-changing story to tell.  I find myself re-reading certain chapters for a super shot of inspiration." ~ LaRonda Robinson

Raw Information that Inspires

"This is such an inspiration to everyone thinking about talking in public.  There is such raw information shared by the authors.  It helps us to know we are all capable of anything we put our minds to." ~ Catherine M. Laub

Volume One

Contributing Authors:

Linda Allred, Ana Atibet, Jenny Battig, Licia Berry, Melanie Berry, Varsha Bhongade, Deborah Brown, Martin Butler, Cynthia Chevrestt, Janis David, Linda DeMarco, Gail Dixon, Jamie Gilleland, Yvonne Green, Revella Hadley, Sandra Hanesworth, Carla Hutchinson, Vicki Ibaugh, Paulina Lopez, Ginny Milu, Kathy Pendleton, Stephanie Pimental, Johnny Regan, Georgianna Rivera, Allison Ronis, Beverly Sorrells, Cat Watgman

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Volume Two

Contributing Authors:

Adele Alexandre, Velma Alford, Dr. Hepsharat Amadi, Melissa Binkley, Marie Cantone, Nansi Coughlin, Ken Course, Mery N. Dominguez, Jo Ann Goldsmith, Abigail K. Hunter, Lauri Hunter, Sheril Jalm, Sherry Kane, Catherine M. Laub, Angie LeBlanc, Howard "Lucky" Luckman, Elin Mayer, Ellen McDowell, Debra Melillo, Mark Moyou, Regena Ozeransky, Michelle "Vismaya" Rubin, Leslie Warren

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Volume Three

Contributing Authors:

Olami Akinosho, Jean-Marc Berne, JoAnne Castellanos, Linda Fostek, Kathryn Hathaway, Debby Montgomery-Johnson, Audrey Kirwin, Terje Kulu, Germaine LeBourveau, Kim Millman, Beliza Perez, Mary Jo Rathgeb, Catherine Soliz-Rey, Joy Richards, Patricia Rogers, Nora Stallworth, Rainy Suggs , Bonnie Taub, Michael Thomas

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Volume Four

Contributing Authors:

Alexandra Kaplan, Andrea Feinberg, Candace Burton, Cheri Martin, Cindy Palermo, Darlyne McGee,  Dawn Meyer, Fran Friedman, Geetha Krishnan, Jenine J9 Mayring, Judy Micale,Kine Corder, LaRonda Robinson, Laurie Ann Leach, Mary Sandoval Palmer,  Pat Price, SusieQ Wood, Tamara Chase, Theresa Schmidt, Tonya Harvey, Valerie Zollinger, Wendy Carlin

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Volume Five

Contributing Authors:

Diana Aldereguia, Licia & Peter Berry, Mae Caime, Marcia Constable, Filomena Day, Diane DiMuria, Lissa Dulany, Linda Fostek, Krista Giannak, Denise Haney, Barbra Hormann, Terje Kulu, Alisa LaPolt, Laynory Loaiza, Rev. Sarah Matthaei, Danna Olivo, Tim & Lisa Petree, Karen Roumay, Michele Vismaya Rubin, Lisa Soloway, Mary Jo Rathget & Michael Thomas, Donna Tornillo, Wali Waiters

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Leading Experts Share What It Takes to Claim Your Place on the World's Stage

Whether you're claiming your place on the stage in your own corner of the world or you're eager to reach all four corners of the world, this book will ...

  • Ignite Your Passion
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Move You to Action!

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