Kine Corder

Chapter Title:
"All the World's a Stage"

Kiné is the CEO of PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE, a financial wellness company and a member of the Financial Therapy Association.  She speaks to and consults with business owners and couples who are dissatisfied with their finances.  Kiné assists clients in improving their financial well being by giving them tools to successfully navigate the money cycle, reduce stress associated with money, and better understand credit. Before entering the financial services industry, Kiné gained international popularity when she became the spokesperson for ABC’s Extreme Makeover.  She was featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, E! Channel and Entertainment Tonight and worked with various media entities including Elle, Marie Claire, TV Guide, and People Magazine.  In 2009, Kiné launched her company, PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE, and shortly after wrote her book, The Art of Starting Over. She most recently launched the Prosperity Club, a community of individuals dedicated to living a prosperous life.

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