Krista Giannak

Chapter Title:
"Overcoming My Fear of Independence"

Krista Giannak helps overwhelmed businesspeople cut through the clutter and get noticed, both online and in the media. She is a writer and public relations professional for her business, Wise Words That Matter. Her press releases have garnered media placement for clients in local newspapers, on TV, and on the radio. Krista’s concisely written web pages and blog posts also help clients get found online.

Her journalism background includes feature articles published in Hotel Interactive, Merrick Life, The Times of Smithtown, and other local newspapers. She serves both businesses and nonprofits, with an emphasis on promoting technology and disability awareness. She earned a B.A. in Communication Arts and Psychology from Dowling College.

Contact Krista Giannak at, by calling 631-505-4011, or through

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