Pat Rogers

Chapter Title:
"Injustices in Corporate America"

Pat Rogers has achieved numerous awards during her career in Law Enforcement:

  • Nominated for Bachelor Award (20 years of service, three letters for community service)
  • Sterling Challenge Award for Miami-Dade Corrections
  • Commendation, Broward County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant’s Examination.
  • Commendation for volunteer service for Goodwill Ambassadors
  • Recognition for “Walk to Cure Juvenile Diabetes”
  • Unit Citation/Campaign Award, Miami-Dade County
  • Full retirement with 29 years of service

Achievements as a Legal Consultant Expert:

  • Hosted 1st Network Entrepreneur Luncheon
  • BMW Qualified for LegalShield
  • Dedicated Entrepreneur with Sharon Lechter
  • Certified Public Speaker with Women’s Prosperity Network
  • Published in a Women’s Prosperity Network book
  • Promoted to the position of Director, receiving a free vacation.

Pat is available 24/7 and ready to help you “Lawyer Up”.

You can contact Pat at




(786) 515-5015.

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