Terje Kulu

Chapter Title:
"Learning to Love Yourself"


Terje Kulu is a native of Estonia. As a former professional gymnast and member of the                Estonian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, Terje has over 35 years of experience in             athletics, coaching and mentoring. She is the Founder and Creator of Premiere Gymnastics             in Boca Raton, Florida. During her 20 plus year coaching career she has coached a long list                 of State and Regional Champions. She is a Fitness Coach and an advocate for health and                wellness. As the owner of Rejuvenate 4 Life, Terje is driven by her passion for positively                impacting and transforming lives by focusing on all aspects body, mind and spirit. Terje is a Certified Speaker and Author on a mission to empower others to live the lives they                  desire. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of Tartu.

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