Kathryn Hathaway

Chapter Title:
"It’s About the Love"

Kathryn Hathaway is an attorney practicing bankruptcy, estate planning, and probate law at Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., in Northern Florida. She is the Founder of Being the Phoenix®, LLC, providing inspiration, education and tools for rising from the ashes of financial ruin. Her career includes stints as an actress, singing waitress, church music director, writer, composer, singer, and Co-Leader of Tallahassee’s Chapter of Women’s Prosperity Network. Most importantly she is mother to Peter, Nana Kat to Austen and Sam, and Mama Kat to Tiger Lily, Xena, Boris and Natasha. Kathryn is a Certified Professional Speaker.

Contact Kathryn at Kathryn@HathawayLaw.netBeThePhoenix.Net, and HathawayLaw.Net.

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