Paulina Lopez

Chapter Title:
"Awaken Your Impact: Deliver Value | Inspire Change | Empower Others"

As a life and business coach, Paulina Lopez, CPC CBC, empowers ambitious and passionate women with clarity and confidence for personal and professional success. She works with you to begin your transformation with building a solid foundation, by your own definition, through self-awareness and inspired action! You’ll work together on creating systems and structures, strengthening your wealth consciousness and breaking free of your money story. She’ll push you forward (lovingly), teach you to set boundaries and hold you accountable while supporting you every step of the way. As you experience greater results, you’ll cultivate and embrace a level of mastery, living the life you desire.  Wealth and success isn’t just about the pursuit of making money, it’s about who YOU become in the process. Know that YOU are your greatest asset… and the best investment you can make is in yourself! Contact Paula at

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