"All the world's a stage."

~ William Shakespeare

Volume Three!

Welcome to Journey to the Stage - Volume Three

Little did we know when the inspiration came to offer the attendees in our Speaker Training and Certification program an opportunity to share the story of their Journey to the Stage that it just the beginning.  What began as a small idea has grown into a series of books and created a big impact for each of the Authors contributing to this series and, more importantly, touching the lives of readers who see themselves within the pages, feel connected to the stories and derive inspiration to expand their own journeys to the stage.

This volume is filled with stories of women and men who began their journeys in very different ways, but who all moved through life with a burning desire to create change and cause a ripple effect that improved their own lives and the lives of others.  They have overcome adversities, internal conflicts and external challenges and authentically shared their stories in service to their purpose.

May you be inspired, encouraged and empowered by these stories to step up to your next stage, whether it’s in the platform of your home, your local community or the world.  May you see your own story as an opportunity to learn about yourself and for others to learn from your experience and your wisdom.

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity,

Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener
Founders, Women's Prosperity Network

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Contributing Authors:

Olami Akinosho, Jean-Marc Berne, JoAnne Castellanos, Linda Fostek, Kathryn Hathaway, Debby Montgomery-Johnson, Audrey Kirwin, Terje Kulu, Germaine LeBourveau, Kim Millman, Belisa Perez, Mary Jo Rathgeb, Catherine Soliz-Rey, Joy Richards, Patricia Rogers, Nora Stallworth, Rainy Suggs , Bonnie Taub, Michael Thomas,

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Leading Experts Share What It Takes to Claim Your Place on the World's Stage

Whether you're claiming your place on the stage in your own corner of the world or you're eager to reach all four corners of the world, this book will ...

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Meet the Contributing Authors

Kathryn Hathaway
It's About the Love

Debby Montgomery-Johnson
The Phone Calls

Audrey Kirwin
Unexpected Diversion

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Women's Prosperity Network

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Nancy Matthews, Trish Carr & Susan Wiener

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Paperback ($19.95)  Kindle ($2.99)