Abigail K. Hunter

Chapter Title:
"The New Triple Threat…Fashion, Fitness and Faith!"

Abigail K. Hunter, from Tallahassee, Florida, is the eldest of two children, with a younger brother, and the daughter of Lauri Hunter. Abigail is the CEO of her company, Completely You!, which enhances and embraces your fitness, fashion and faith, so you can be the unique, complete triple threat that you were born to be! She uses her undergraduate degree in Psychology to listen and connect with her clients. Abigail has a heart for community outreach and community service, which she puts into action through various organizations and independently paying it forward. Being one of the youngest members of Women’s Prosperity Network, she appreciates and loves to learn from all the wisdom that surrounds her.

You can contact Abigail at: akhsuccess@gmail.com  Instagram @ab.k_       Twitter @ab_k_  www.completelyouwithabigail.tumblr.com  and Facebook Abigail Hunter.

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