Jo Ann Goldsmith

Chapter Title:
"An Unlikely Swan ~ A Journey of Transformation from Ugly Duckling to Swan to Stage"

Jo Ann Goldsmith, BFA, MSC, is the President of, a design and branding firm dedicated to creating Madison Avenue design with heart. She crafts exceptional advertising, logos and inspired illustrations that attract, serve and support you to reach new levels of high impact corporate identity, sales and profit. Unique to Ms. Goldsmith’s style is the integration of business visions and goals in harmony with the unspoken and intended essence of your heart and soul, magnetizing and attracting your perfect customers. Jo Ann is also a published Author, and has over 100 globally published illustrations that reflect her authenticity, heart and soul.

You can contact Jo Ann at: (561) 494-4326,,, or LinkedIn:  Jo Ann Goldsmith | Design Branding Expert | MADISON AVENUE DESIGN WITH SOUL:  Exceptional Advertising, Logos & Inspired Illustration.

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