Lauri Hunter

Chapter Title: "Knock, Knock...Who's There?...Opportunity!"

Lauri Hunter, a native “Yankee” from Connecticut, has always been a Do It Scared – Walk by Faith and Not by Sight kind of person.  With a background in Court Reporting, Insurance, Phlebotomy and Training, Lauri is always full of big ideas to match her big smile and intends to serve the world with the same big, bright intensity. This speaker, author, singer, songwriter, and coach is a single parent of two amazing young adult children, who are just as enthusiastic about life.  She also is a caregiver for her mother, who has been an incredible influence in her life.  They are her “why” that fuels her ODOO© (Opening Doors Of Opportunity) attitude. She is the Chief Executive Inspirational Officer of The Motivating Factor, LLC, Heartfelt Hands Family Services, and Air of Inspiration.

Lauri can be reached at:;


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