Melissa Binkley

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Melissa Binkley is CEO and Founder of MSB Wellness and Pure BodyLove Events. She is a Certified Master Transformation Specialist and Holistic Health Coach, and a dynamic Inspirational Speaker. She is the master of magic mindset, soul guided living and bodylove. She empowers women to break through limiting self-beliefs, Perfectionist Paralysis and love their bodies, businesses and lives. Known for her ability to transcend limiting beliefs, she uses techniques that fuse science, whole brain learning, personal development, and the quantum field. Melissa is a graduate of The Ohio State University, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and has a Holistic MBA. Her website was ranked one of the top 50 Health Coach Sites for 2013 by the Institute for Psychology of Eating. She has been featured nationwide on several radio shows and is a WEGO Health Activist Nominee and Runner-up.

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