Lisa Soloway

Chapter Title:
"Living with Intention, Purpose and Passion"

Lisa has been an entrepreneur since 1988, owning childcare and health and wellness businesses. She and her family currently own a few companies with a focus on passive and residual income streams.  She is always evolving and growing so she can help others achieve financial freedom and the health to enjoy it.

Lisa has been a speaker sharing her enthusiasm for health and wellbeing with individuals, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations.  Combining her health and wellness expertise with business development, she is helping others develop residual income through home-based business growth. As a lifestyle coach, she is committed to impacting peoples’ lives by raising awareness of and supporting the growth of human potential and abundance.

Lisa resides in Melbourne, Florida, with her husband, Peter, and their beloved dog, Bruno.  She has four children and two grandsons.  She enjoys exercise, kayaking, and, spending time with family and friends.

You can contact Lisa at:,, or 860-416-5055.

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