Fran Friedman

Chapter Title:
"Leaning into the Groove"

Dr. Fran Friedman is an expert at clearing the path for her clients’ personal and professional success.  She works with people who are seeking a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Her clients understand that, as they become more aligned with their purpose and what brings them joy, everything expands: their businesses, their bank accounts, and their personal satisfaction. Drawing on decades of experience as both a clinical psychologist and intuitive energy healer, Dr. Fran created an innovative STAND BY YOU COACHING system.  Through her intuitive coaching, she opens the door to each individual’s highest vision, clarifies the step-by-step path, and releases old patterns of beliefs and behaviors that stand in their way. They can now achieve the success they desire and deserve.
Connect with Dr. Fran Friedman at Visit her websites:, and

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