Mary Sandoval Palmer

Chapter Title:
"Speak for Us, But No Singing, Please"

Mary Sandoval-Palmer lives in south Florida with her husband Ken and loves spending quality time with her daughter Alicia in Houston.  She enjoys travelling the world learning about different cultures.   Mary is active in her church and is a Mary Kay Advanced Color Certified Beauty and Empowerment Consultant mentoring women in their own businesses.  Mary has a Mary Kay boutique in her home office.  She and Nansi Coughlin serve entrepreneurs through their Mary Kay businesses in a joint venture POWER GLAM FOR ENTREPRENEURS.  Mary and Nansi work out of a studio in Broward and are available for special events beyond the Miami-Dade and Broward areas.  Mary is the Chapter Leader for Miami-Dade Women’s Prosperity Network.   Mary’s vision is to empower women entrepreneurs by connecting them with their most powerful self and each other.

Connect with Mary at  and text on 832-964-8300.  You can also find her on Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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